Here you’ll find a whole bunch of short stories, extracts, short scripts. Some have been previously published, some from my previously available collections. Just click on the image to go to the Fiction session.


Whether you’re after Film stuff, TV & Music or Book Stuff, this is where you’ll find my rambling and self-opinionated views…click on any of these highlighted links to go to the relevant section…

Odds and Ends

As the image suggests – this is the weird stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else. Click on the image to find out what’s there.

Bay Tales/ Virtual Noir at the Bar

Here’s where you can find a bit more about the ‘day job’ – what we do at VNatB and Bay Tales…Just click on the image.


A few odds and ends for writers from my vast and multi copy selling endeavours…click on the heart…because it’s my gift to you.

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