ColourImpThis site is a random mixture of stuff I started in about 2010 and have let languish way too much in recent years but my muse has returned, at least temporarily

(that’s him above- as you can tell from his grumpy demeanor, you shouldn’t expect too much…)

On here you’ll find:

Some of my published and non-published fiction pieces.

Some written reviews- mostly films

Some video reviews of particularly bad movies-originally from the days of 1 1/2 reviews, then C.R.A.P. reviews (Charity Related Art Pieces- where we were only allowed to review films we found in high street Charity Shops- rest assured we did some good for charity, if not the profession of film review)

You may even find the odd one off video project like ‘Air of December‘ and some pretty poor photography.

A frequently asked question- what is  the pic at the top of the blog?

The thumb nail is ‘Why So Serious’ by Paul Oz- see more of his stuff at his Facebook page, or at

Use the menu above to go to the category you want- I’ll do my best to keep it updated, so come back whenever you can, and do feel free to leave any comments.