2019 Calendar – free download

Here’s a post and resource shamelessly stolen from my wife’s blog ‘RagtagMagpie‘ where she looks at a variety of art, crafts as well as showcasing some of the things she has been working on…including this – a calendar using some of the iconography from my site.

If you’re looking for a quick calendar reference and don’t want to wait until January 1st to pay 25 pence for a ‘Oiled Men’ ‘Bikini Babes’ ‘reality TV celebrity who’s probably going to be forgotten by February’ that seem to be on sale in pop-ups in every shopping centre in the country, then this is for you.

Take a look at her site – there’s tons of fun there, and loads of resources if you’re interested in crafting of any sort.

Feel free to download – you can even remove the Bewbob logo from it if you want.

And for those of you who recognise some of the imagery – yes, they are used across this site, and the style was adapted for the cover of You Could Make a Killing


This year I did a bit of design work for my husband as he’s been doing some talks on publishing and also wanted to give his writing blog Fiction and More a bit of facelift.

As I had all of the design collateral I thought I’d pull together a writing themed calendar for any budding authors out there – enjoy!

You can download all 12 months here – 2019 Calendar

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