A couple of questions…

So today’s ‘real’ post will be shorter for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’m working on the first longer length Author profile, hopefully coming out Monday (and when I say hopefully I mean that’s when I promised the series would start…)
  2. I need to get on and do some ‘proper’ writing…
  3. I’m interested to know whether you lovely lot who read these posts like it long or short. (No, don’t – we’re all better than that…even on a Friday.)

I tend to write long – whether it’s fiction, non-fiction or shopping list (you should see the amount of stuff we have in our fridge…)

But do you want that, or am I boring you out of your mind and you’re just pretending to be interested?

I can see from post likes which appear to be of more interest..but algorithms maaaaaaan…it depends on time/ tags/ categories/ slugs/ sharing and I’m still figuring out whatever else.

So, favour time, for this free reading stuff: If you’ve got two minutes to spare, drop me a line via the contact and let me know what you prefer on this site – the reviews, the resources, the odd and ends or the free fiction, and if you find the current post lengths too short, long or in true Goldilocks fashion juuuuust right.

Thanks all, and please keep reading and I’ll keep writing.


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