A New Feature on BewBob.com: and Full Disclosure

So, over the weekend I added

e-commerce to this site. 

I did this for a few reasons:

  1. I am aware some people do not like to use Amazon for various personal, political and practical reasons. (Hell, they didn’t even reply to my job application letter so I know how you feel…)
  2. Some people have asked me to sign copies of Basement Tales: a service Amazon and Kindle don’t seem to offer for some bizarre reason…
  3. Moving forward I’d like to be able to offer not just my work, but some of the incredible arts and craft pieces my wife has made and writes about on her blog ragtagmagpie.com. You can get an idea of the sort of thing she makes here. (note: these are not currently available but will be soon…)
  4. Baby needs money…

However, I’m also aware that a few people DO use that big online bookshop who don’t like you using their logo without their permission. I’m also very aware that I link to them a lot when I’m writing about books and films. To this end, I’ve introduced an Amazon Affiliate account to this blog.

“What does this mean for me as I read your amazing blog?

Well, it stops me messing up links when I’m trying to direct to the book or film in question for one so you actually get to where you wanting to get to.

“What does it mean for you, you corporate shill?”

Well, as I said at the top – full disclosure up front: there is a chance if thousands of you decide to buy from that shop whose logo will only appear on this site within these featured links via them there said link, then I may earn a few pennies…I  doubt it’s going to buy me that second Porsche, but I want to be honest about this…

It also makes it easier for me to insert the links in a way that looks a bit neater than my cack-handed efforts. (Who knew that company had people working for them who knew stuff about HTML.)

“Does this mean that new E-commerce shop you set up on your site is worthless now?”

Hell no, you know how long that thing took me to set up????

But seriously – no, if you’re looking for signed copies, or non-Amazon available products, or just want to order from me for that warm, snuggly feeling it might give us both, you go on ahead and use it…

“What’s this going to look like on the site?” 

Well, it’ll look a bit like this (Amazon item chosen completely at random…):



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