A Review of Amazon Reviews…

I’ve spent the last six months or so actively trying to improve my Amazon Reviewer ranking.

This means I’ve been writing reviews on the books, music, tv shows and to a lesser extent other products I’ve been purchasing. You can find a list of my reviews here – take a look and if you agree with any of them please do mark a helpful vote.

Part of the reason for doing this was to be a bit less passive in my consumption, part of it was to try and work out a bit more about the way the weird and sometimes wonderful way Amazon’s reviewing algorithms work.

While I can’t say I’ve discovered anything definitive, I have found out a few interesting things around:

  • Amazon’s ‘rules’
  • How to get more helpful votes on a review
  • What it means for reviewers when they get those reviews
  • Whether there are any benefits to writing reviews on Amazon – either as a reader/ viewer or as a writer.

It’s quite a chunky report, but if you’re a writer or, indeed, a reader you might find some things of interest in there.

To get a free copy of it, just send me a message via the CONTACT form and I’ll email you your very own pdf of the report.

And if you don’t want a copy of the report but just want to see my reviews – just click here   and please leave a helpful vote if you find anything…helpful.


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