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The Deal…

Looking at the Amazon Charts this afternoon I saw that one of my books is currently ranked #14, while the other is chugging along happily enough.

In a blatant attempt to boost my ego, I’m trying to get my book in the Top 10.

If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can download any of the three books I currently have (two of my collections, one an anthology where one of my stories appear), for free.

If you don’t, Basement Tales is available for just £1.99 or local equivalent, while the even better You Could Make a Killing is priced at £2.99. Burning, an anthology of fantastic value, is at £3.99

You can find my author page here.  

Now, the Offer…

If you download, either via Kindle Unlimited, or purchase through Kindle (or if you’re feeling very affluent, the Paperback versions of any of the above), and use the Contact form on this site.  I will send you a FREE, NEVER-BEFORE-PUBLISHED short story.

All you need to do is enter your details, and in the comments box, state either HORROR or MYSTERY, and I’ll email you a copy of a never-seen story in that genre.

How do I know you’ve bought or downloaded? Well, frankly, I don’t: this is a trust thing here.

Take a chance: and if you only read one of my stories – try my personal favourite: Bedtime Story: available in You Could Make a Killing.

Thanks for your time, and your support.

Offer ends 17/11/18.


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