Air of December: A Movie

It was 30 years ago this year that I made ‘Air of December’ – my Film Studies Final Project.

A time of bulky video cameras, pre-affordable CGI and tape-to-tape editing processes.

A dystopian sci-fi/ thriller it was described variously as ‘a narrative study of the audience’s view of the male anti-hero and attitudes towards violence’ (me) and ‘big boys running around with guns’ (my second-marking lecturer).

Made at a time when I thought I might want to be a filmmaker, writing, editing, directing and acting in it convinced me that maybe it wasn’t the career for me after all.

So here, 30 years on undigitally unmastered, and in stunning non-4K low definition…the attempt to make an action film on a zero budget that is ‘Air of December’.

(For Educational Purposes Only)…

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