Bret Easton Ellis…author, podcaster…visual artist?

Born today in 1964, Bret Easton Ellis is a post modernist satirist with a pitch black sense of humour, or a twisted sickness depending on your view.

American Psycho cover
American Psycho cover

In 1991 Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho was published, and although initially hated by critics, has gone on to be considered a modern classic, since turned into a film starring Christian Bale, and even a Broadway Musical with Patrick Bateman becoming one of the most iconic psychopaths since Alex from Clockwork Orange.

The novel is known for minutia detail, whether it be Bateman’s morning grooming routines, his disection of Huey Lewis and the News, or…his disection of other things…

Dividing critics was nothing new to Ellis even then, and he has continued to confound critics ever since…not just in his writing, his controversial comments, but also more recent art events working with Alex Israel, the multi media artist, and eyeglass designer from LA.

The two met in 2010 when Israel, who cites Easton Ellis’ work as a key influence on his distinct brand of contempand have gone on to create an ongoing collaboration, where Ellis writes flash fiction pieces, and Israel locates stock image he believes represents Ellis’ words, selects a font, and applies the flashwriting over the image, often at enormous size.

Different Kind of Star 2016 Brett Easton Ellis Alex Israel
Different Kind of Star 2016

How have the critics taken it? So far about as well as they originally did ‘American Psycho’ …One critic claimed, “The whole thing just reeks of laziness and cliche.”

While we’ll leave you to see what Time Out thought, maybe in ten years time…


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