Burning Chair…Burning Ears

A short one or a long one today, depending how you see it…

I recently did a video interview with Peter Oxley and Simon Finnie, the owners of publishing company Burning Chair and publishers of Burning: An Anthology of Short Thrillers, in which a story I wrote specifically for the collection, ‘The Five Votive Candles of Joe Wray‘ appeared.

In the interview we talked about my background in publishing, my approach to work, the featured story itself, and a bit around the guys’ approach to publishing in this brave new world.

Feel free to take a look at the interview below.

And if you’re a reader or a writer, it’s well worth checking out their website to look at what they have, and what they have planned: their manifesto is:


They are open to submissions in a wide range of genres, and I can tell you from my own experience they’re great to work with: responsive, encouraging, with sympathetic but sensible editorial recommendations, and bizarrely, compared to some publishers I could mention, actually seem to like and be knowledgeable about the areas they’re publishing in…a rare thing in this day and age.


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