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The Gathering

A crowd of people in Iceland

Another old one. An experiment in writing from a different point of view- not sure how well I managed to capture a seventy something old woman’s world view but an interesting test.

Rated pg13 for some strong language and themes

The Gathering

Author’s Voice

PC view

A story from a few years ago perhaps born out of the only ever writing class I ever went to.

One of the few first person stories I’ve written (I think).

Probably not the most original plot, but there’s something about it I still have a naive fondness for.


The Spin Principle


Another old story dug out and slightly edited.

Inspired by my days as a sales rep..and attending sales training courses

Probably rated a 12+ for one or two uses of language. 3,500 words

The Spin Principle

The Trial


A young lawyer is abducted and forced to defend a mass murderer at a very unconventional midnight trial.

But are things as they seem?

A short story accepted for publication by two magazines, both of which went out of business before it got published…

The Trial

The Drive In

The first story I’ve written for a few years. A dialogue heavy, dark, hopefully humourous sick tale, not for the faint hearted or minors.

A lot can be said on the journeys into work.

Especially when it’s a couple of veteran killers…

But what about their new apprentice?

All comments appreciated.

The Drive In

Late Arrival

A short short pastiche which is another cursed one accepted by three magazines which all bit the dust before publication.

Basically an attempt to try to answer the question about how all those awesome killers in pulp fiction get to the end game…

Written way back, probably around 2000.

A bit of silly fun.

rated pg.

Late Arrival

Doctor Death



A crime story about what happens when an innocent man with a talent is forced into a situation he wants no part of.

Rated 15+ for language and situations

Doctor Death

Bedtime Story



Probably my favourite story of mine in terms of feeling over ‘twist’ or ‘plot’. 

While the editors who had bought my previous stories said they liked it, none had a clue what to do with it…fair enough. I don’t either.

Description: not much more to say than a father reads his son a bedtime story. Anything else comes out through the story.

Rated PG12+ for reasons that become obvious when reading the story

Bedtime Story

Somewhere Down The River: The Long Version


There are two versions of this story- a slightly shorter, much more open ended one was published by Strange Horizons and was  nominated as an honorable mention by Ellen Daltow in her annual anthology of the year’s best horror (I think Stephen King was one of the 12 or so actual winners…and for the longest time he was probably soooo worried…)

I originally submitted it  with more closure (this version) but the editors at SH thought it worked better with the open ending found here which seemed to confuse many people who wrote and asked if there was a part 2 or at least a page missing so I’ve used the slightly longer version to post

I was also accused of plagiarism in the use of a Tom Waits quote. (There are also references from John Hiatt, Robbie Robertson, Warren Zevon which weren’t picked up)…

I actually like this one better than the published version, but the only real difference is an extra couple of paragraphs at the end as far as I recall.

Rated 12+ for some language/ some imagery

Somewhere Down the River

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