Before the Big Break

I’m currently 27,273 words into writing my fifth novel. Or my fourth, if you don’t count the first one, which will never see daylight. Or my third, if you don’t count the one my agent has out on submission. Or my first, if none of them ever get published. But I think it’s my fifth.... Continue Reading →

Fiendish Christmas Quiz Answers

#1. The gift: it's five pounds of veal! Given to a young Frank Cross by his father in Scrooged. Much better than the choo-choo train he wanted... #2 The gift; the bear that came to the party...or sat in the Limo. John McClane's festive offering from Die Hard #3 The gift: what the f***k is... Continue Reading →

Noir from the Bar Press Release

International crime writers join forces to support NHS with new Crime Anthology Features shorts from best-sellers authors including Neil Broadfoot, Roz Watkins, Sharon Bolton and Zoe Sharp Newcastle-Upon-Tyne based literary group, Noir at the Bar, has brought together some of the best crime writers from across the globe, to publish a collection of short, fictional crime... Continue Reading →

Virtual Noir at the Bar

Vic Watson has been running Noir at the Bar in Newcastle for four years. I went to my first session a couple of months ago, before things got...weird. It's a great evening - eight to ten authors, ranging from best sellers to unpublished, read from their work to an enthusiastic (increasingly so as the bar... Continue Reading →

Unfilmable stories

The following is an abridged section of an essay from my collection of screenplays and 'bonus material' Off-Script. It's a weird little collection: four short scripts, ranging in technical difficulty to film, a bunch of notes, and a few glossaries. It was never going to be a best-seller. I adapted a couple of previously published short... Continue Reading →

Air of December: A Movie

It was 30 years ago this year that I made 'Air of December' - my Film Studies Final Project. A time of bulky video cameras, pre-affordable CGI and tape-to-tape editing processes. A dystopian sci-fi/ thriller it was described variously as 'a narrative study of the audience's view of the male anti-hero and attitudes towards violence'... Continue Reading →

Writing for a Younger Audience…a Retrospective

I released a collection of horror stories for children back in October last year entitled Cellar Stories (a riff on my first story collection of horror and dark tales for adults Basement Tales which, two years after publication, is still doing pretty well). I've written about why I did it in detail elsewhere on this... Continue Reading →

Fiendishly Difficult Festive Film Quiz

Seeing as it's almost Christmas Eve and everyone's waiting for their Crimbo Loot (I mean, enjoying a time of love and festive feelings) I've put together a 12 days of Christmas Gifts from 11 sort-of-let's-not-get-pedantic-about-it Christmas movies. Some are screen grabbed from the film themselves, some are more 'sourced interpretations'... Merry Christmas everyone! Judge's decision... Continue Reading →

A Review of Amazon Reviews…

I spent the last two years actively trying to improve my Amazon Reviewer ranking. So from starting at a ranking of something like 2.656.832 I've now (as of November 2021) reached the dizzying heights of 526. That gets me a little badge, and, recently, entry into the Vine Voice programme. (For those of you not... Continue Reading →

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