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Curby: Through the Years

This is a film we have been working on for two weeks about a game we have been playing while on holiday for the past two years. It is a variation of roadside Curby, a favourite pastime for some kids. This is a water-based sport version. We decided to make a film on what Curby 2.0 might of looked like through the different eras. Curby 2.0 has had two full tournaments in its years with only one winner. So far Joking Joe has defeated Climbin’ Simon in both competitions of the CCC (Cyprus Curby Championship).


Filmed on a Flip HD Camera

Edited on a Macbook Pro (iMovie)

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1 and1/2 for Screen 2: The Box

A review of Richard Kelly’s  (Donnie Darko/ Southland Tales) new film.

Featuring our brand new i-Nteractive trailer (TM), utilising the latest 3G technology and patented software applications.

See the interactive trailer and review of the film below, where we are apparently visited by the ghost of a writer who is not yet dead. Yes, it’s weird and makes no sense, but is totally in keeping with the film under review.

And if Apple, Microsoft or Sony want to know how we developed the technology for the i-NT then…they really shouldn’t be working at Apple, Microsoft or Sony…

1 & 1/2 for Screen 2 Ep2: Mamma Mia review

Episode 2

Well, we made it through.

Trailer here for the only person other than us (until last night…shudder), who apparently hasn’t seen Mamma Mia! yet.

Review below, ending with another Film Roulette.

Video Below:

1 & 1/2 for Screen 2 Ep1: Unbreakable

Episode 1

Our very first review. Slightly out of camera shot and we chopped Sam out of the picture a bit, but here it is: a ten minute review of M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Unbreakable’ Original trailer available here:

Also includes the very painful first edition of Film Roulette.

1 & 1/2 for Screen 2. Pilot Episode : Top 10

Pilot Episode

So here’ s the first attempt at a video entry. Hopefully be the next one we’ll have decided on a half decent editing program and I’ll hide the beer from shot…

We’re hoping do to a regular series where we select one film from a choice of three and review it from both a mature and a childlike point of view…who provides which perspective may well depend on the movie and our state of mind at the time.

To start things off, we thought it would be worthwhile doing an introductory short on what we like and why. So here are our top ten films.

I referred to this at some point as the ‘Godfather’ list in the sense that I tried not to choose too many films that were obvious obvious classics that Joe hadn’t seen (eg Godfather/ Citizen Kane/ Apocalypse Now etc), but this may change as the year goes on…actually it changed even as we did it because I had to see the look on Joe’s  face when I chose a 3 hour plus black and white subtitled film…

Sprouts. The ultimate challenge

Such a fuss…

Joe’s regular battle against sprouts continues at Sunday lunch…

Boxing training session January 2010

Joe Boxing Session: Leamington Spa.

Four months into training and starting to put together a few combinations, defensive work and stamina improvement

(This is a 35 minute video which was transferred from MP4 Hi Def into WMV via WnFF.)

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