A busy week ahead…

Just a quick update to say it's been a busy couple of weeks, but am hoping the effort is all going to be worth it over the coming days with not one, but two new publications: one all my own work, one I'm honored to have been a part of it, and my first writing... Continue Reading →

Sneak Peak Saturday

With no apologies whatsoever, I am so pleased to be able to announce a new anthology coming very soon which I am lucky enough to have a story published in. Burning: An Anthology of Short Thrillers is an all new collection published by the new boys on the block at Burning Chair Publishing I'll be talking... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon…

One last post today - I promise. Just to give a heads up that there'll be a few changes on the blog coming soon. Some design tweaks, some exciting news about new publications, and a new series of posts I'm excited about writing and sharing with you. A couple of people have pointed out I... Continue Reading →

Basement Tales: Now Available

Basement Tales is now available on Kindle for £1.99.  Click on the link above to go to Amazon and find out more about the book, and to order a copy An anthology of 18 stories spanning horror, crime, dark fantasy genres and some that don’t really fit into any category. Selected from writings over twenty years... Continue Reading →

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