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CRAP Episode 8 and a half: Ninja Terminator

Our definitive review of Ninga… oops, Ninja Terminator

CRAP Episode 7 and a half: The Wicker Man starring Nick Cage

CRAP: Our Apology

Viewer’s Choice: Round 2

C.R.A.P Episode 5: CIA Code Name Alexa

C.R.A.P Episode 4: Doomed

Episode 4 of Charity Recommended Art Pieces sees us look elsewhere for our weekly intake of awfulness, and suitably find a selection of classics…

C.R.A.P Episode 3

C.R.A.P – Breakin’

Our second review of films selected from Charity Shops. They’ve got to be less than £3 and we decide, “Did we give to Charity, or did Charity give to us?”

This week, the film ‘Singing in the Rain’ could have been…Breakin’.

Top 10 Films of 2011

1 and 1/2 review 2011.

So, one of us didn’t get to see as many new films in 2011 (I blame Fallout Las Vegas…), so we did our annual review slightly different this year…and we did it a lot longer, so after a first attempt that lasted more than 30 minutes, we restricted ourselves to 30 seconds per movie. This led to the use of the word ‘very’ a lot, and some of the worst film reviews since…well, you’ll notice the lawyers had something to say about that…

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