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Air of December- Criterion Edition 1990

This film was made half my life time ago. Filmed on clunky direct to do VHS cameras, and edited together via tape to tape machine in, literally, a toilet (albeit a slightly moderated version within Bulmershe’s fine film making facilities.)

It will, of course, be re-released in a THX/ re-digitaltised, IMAX version with additional CGI for its’ 25th anniversary the year after next. Before that, I think it will likely be ridiculed as appropriate in a C.R.A.P way by film crew and offspring…

Curby: Through the Years

This is a film we have been working on for two weeks about a game we have been playing while on holiday for the past two years. It is a variation of roadside Curby, a favourite pastime for some kids. This is a water-based sport version. We decided to make a film on what Curby 2.0 might of looked like through the different eras. Curby 2.0 has had two full tournaments in its years with only one winner. So far Joking Joe has defeated Climbin’ Simon in both competitions of the CCC (Cyprus Curby Championship).


Filmed on a Flip HD Camera

Edited on a Macbook Pro (iMovie)

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