Dr Sleep Movie Review

To put it out there upfront, I don't consider The Shining the greatest horror movie ever made - it wouldn't make it into my Top 20. It's okay, but I think the recent Honest Trailers review pretty much sums up my feelings on it. Still, I went to the opening day screening of Mike Flanagan's... Continue Reading →

5 Books for Young Readers at Halloween

After thinking about movies suitable for younger viewers I thought I'd consider 5 books or stories suitable for children. Like my movie selections, I've gone from youngest to oldest - in this case, based on both reading ability and themes. Tell Me A Scary Story: ...But Not Too Scary - Carl Reiner  For very young... Continue Reading →

The Institute – Stephen King: A Review

After my article yesterday looking at my personal five favourite works from Stephen King I thought I’d follow up with a review of his most recent work, The Institute – published this week. (A caveat before the review: I listened to this one on Audible as I had a long car journey ahead of me.... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Stephen King Novels*

With the release of his new novel ‘The Institute’ (which I reviewed on Amazon saying I felt it was a ‘classic’ King novel in the style of Firestarter, The Stand etc.) I thought I’d write a short bit on my personal five favourite Stephen King novels (and you’ll see the reason for the * as... Continue Reading →

Ray Bradbury

Ray Douglas Bradbury (and the Douglas was used in a lot of stories...) was born on August 22nd, 1920. Bradbury was a science fiction writer...but that's to categorize him unfairly, and far too narrowly. Even to call him a fantasy, horror or mystery writer, is to do the man injustice. Quite simply he was an... Continue Reading →

The Overrated Nature of Crime Fiction

Saturday morning started well: I woke up early, enjoyed a bit of reading (my newly delivered copy of Warren Ellis' The Authority) while listening to a new album (Red Hearse - a new discovery for me, and after a couple of listens recommended)  and planning a week up at the Edinburgh Fringe. Then I picked... Continue Reading →

Critic Favourites I Just Don’t Get

A short one today for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's probably going to make me look really stupid Secondly, I watched a vodcast today where the presenters chose their 'goes against public opinion' movie views and it just came across as...trying too hard. This isn't intended as some 'look how alternative I am' article.... Continue Reading →

5 Critically Mauled Movies I Love

Well...Maybe 'LOVE' is too strong a word. Provocative titles work though... I rarely visit Rotten Tomatoes but found myself disappearing down a bit of a rabbit hole recently when looking up a few random films just to see what the consensus was on a few of my favourite films and realised how far from the... Continue Reading →

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