Throwback Thursday:Movies of 2012

Note: another one I found from the archives, and another one I've left pretty much untouched other than some 2018 comments in dashing purple... * Disclaimer 1: Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your view) the normal enBewbob year d review in video format had to be cancelled this year due to one of us having a... Continue Reading →


In these film reviews, I take the format of what I knew going into the movie, and what I thought coming out of simple as that. Warning: Possible Spoilers. Before:  One of the more talked about horror movies of 2018, Hereditary has received wide ranging reviews so far: from those claiming it to be... Continue Reading →

Inside Number 9: Live. Non spoiler review

A very short one, and spoiler free. Written about half an hour after the the episode finished. Once in a very, very long time do you get to see something really incredible - and this was one of those rare occasions. Anyone who has seen Inside Number 9 will know  Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton... Continue Reading →

Indie Wire Top 100 Horror Films: and some thoughts. 50-1

So earlier this week Indie Wire posted their top 100 horror movies of all time. Yesterday I posted in their choices from 100-51, with some random thoughts or comments on each of them from me. Here's the list from 50 to number 1. Tomorrow, a few overall thoughts, and my personal top 10... Once again, all... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday: Movie of 2009

Note: no embarrassing video of number one son this week, instead a bit of self-humiliation as I dig through some old files I found from the original version of this here blog post, and found some of my old movie pics...My god, but I was a naive young thing back when I was a mere... Continue Reading →

Authors: An Extended Profile of Bateman

"Bateman". No, that’s not a school teacher style address. From his 2007 novel ‘I Predict a Riot’, until the last two books in his Dan Starkey series,  Colin Bateman had his works branded with surname only (as the dedication of that novel states: "For my Christian name, gone but not forgotten", or as Bateman himself... Continue Reading →

Bad Times at El Royale

It’s been 30 years since I wrote film reviews in print, and a good few years since I last did random reviews on the original incarnation of Bewbob, so in this day of ‘see anything you want on Netflix/ Amazon Prime whatever dodgy stream you might happen to use, I thought I’d start reviewing movies... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday: Movies of 2011: Video

Once more into the Yikes of Yesteryear... Because Joe was too tied up in School work (ahem) we took a different approach, as he was introduced to some of the classics which formed his list. Oh, and my true feelings for Claudia Winkleman were nearly exposed for the world to see.

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