Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – a Spoiler Free Review

  So, a bit of context first. I'd consider myself a Star Wars fan - not a major know-it-all die-hard who can tell you off-hand and in detail the dimensions of the Theed Palace Banquet Hall and its relevance in being the official reception in the Royal Palace of the people of Naboo, but someone... Continue Reading →

Dr Sleep Movie Review

To put it out there upfront, I don't consider The Shining the greatest horror movie ever made - it wouldn't make it into my Top 20. It's okay, but I think the recent Honest Trailers review pretty much sums up my feelings on it. Still, I went to the opening day screening of Mike Flanagan's... Continue Reading →

5 Books for Young Readers at Halloween

After thinking about movies suitable for younger viewers I thought I'd consider 5 books or stories suitable for children. Like my movie selections, I've gone from youngest to oldest - in this case, based on both reading ability and themes. Tell Me A Scary Story: ...But Not Too Scary - Carl Reiner  For very young... Continue Reading →

The Institute – Stephen King: A Review

After my article yesterday looking at my personal five favourite works from Stephen King I thought I’d follow up with a review of his most recent work, The Institute – published this week. (A caveat before the review: I listened to this one on Audible as I had a long car journey ahead of me.... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Stephen King Novels*

With the release of his new novel ‘The Institute’ (which I reviewed on Amazon saying I felt it was a ‘classic’ King novel in the style of Firestarter, The Stand etc.) I thought I’d write a short bit on my personal five favourite Stephen King novels (and you’ll see the reason for the * as... Continue Reading →

Ray Bradbury

Ray Douglas Bradbury (and the Douglas was used in a lot of stories...) was born on August 22nd, 1920. Bradbury was a science fiction writer...but that's to categorize him unfairly, and far too narrowly. Even to call him a fantasy, horror or mystery writer, is to do the man injustice. Quite simply he was an... Continue Reading →

The Overrated Nature of Crime Fiction

Saturday morning started well: I woke up early, enjoyed a bit of reading (my newly delivered copy of Warren Ellis' The Authority) while listening to a new album (Red Hearse - a new discovery for me, and after a couple of listens recommended)  and planning a week up at the Edinburgh Fringe. Then I picked... Continue Reading →

Critic Favourites I Just Don’t Get

A short one today for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's probably going to make me look really stupid Secondly, I watched a vodcast today where the presenters chose their 'goes against public opinion' movie views and it just came across as...trying too hard. This isn't intended as some 'look how alternative I am' article.... Continue Reading →

5 Critically Mauled Movies I Love

Well...Maybe 'LOVE' is too strong a word. Provocative titles work though... I rarely visit Rotten Tomatoes but found myself disappearing down a bit of a rabbit hole recently when looking up a few random films just to see what the consensus was on a few of my favourite films and realised how far from the... Continue Reading →

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