Writing Resource 7/100: Backup

Today's resource is part advice, part 'why would I listen to anything you say when you're clearly as dumb as a box of rocks'? Backup: Unbelievably obvious, right? This thought struck me as I spent a considerable part of last night and into the early hours of this morning, as well as this morning searching for... Continue Reading →

5 Great Reads for £1.99: Part 1

Having already declared my interest in a previous post, I thought I'd take a look at what there is on offer for £1.99 or less on Amazon's Kindle Store (and these should be available for a similar price in local currency wherever you're coming from) Note: if you have Kindle Unlimited, most if not all of... Continue Reading →

Penny Dreadful

Excuse the shortness, and the grubby sales nature of this post - I'm saving myself for tomorrow's epic #1 of my 10 favourite authors working today - 2,000 words  - count 'em... This is just a quick update to say changes are afoot on this site: over the coming week you'll start to see some... Continue Reading →

A couple of questions…

So today's 'real' post will be shorter for a couple of reasons: I'm working on the first longer length Author profile, hopefully coming out Monday (and when I say hopefully I mean that's when I promised the series would start...) I need to get on and do some 'proper' writing... I'm interested to know whether... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon…

One last post today - I promise. Just to give a heads up that there'll be a few changes on the blog coming soon. Some design tweaks, some exciting news about new publications, and a new series of posts I'm excited about writing and sharing with you. A couple of people have pointed out I... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday: Coming Soon

Today while clearing up my writing space I came across my old Macbook, last used approximately four years ago...(my son loved the Mac, I've never really got on with them myself but did use it occasionally for movie editing and sometimes a bit of writing...) Anyway, I found some interesting things on there (if interesting... Continue Reading →

Packing for Goodbye

Author Note at the bottom.  Packing for Goodbye I packed my son’s things up tonight. All his favourite clothes into a sports bag he’d never even used – still with its’ tags on. No point keeping the clothes crispy starch in a hard body suitcase now. The canvas bag would do. I wondered- if he’d... Continue Reading →

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