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2018: A return

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It’s a new year- it’s been a long time, but my intention is to reactivate this blog. The above picture is representative of nothing..other than the picture that sits above me when I do most of my writing.

I’m intending to post a few new stories, a few reviews and, as stated in the headline, unsubstantiated views- about unimportant matters in the big scheme of things…

More to follow hopefully…

July 2015 Update

Not that I think there is anyone particularly interested but…

If any of the previous has raised a smile or the question, “Why did he force that child to make all those stupid videos?” then stay with me.

The child may be long gone, metaphorically and physically, but I am going to try to get some new stuff up on the site.

For example- here’s a picture of a couple of demonic pigeons…Ok, it’s not much, but it is a start.

Watch this space..Horrorpigeons


Some of the stories on this site were previously password protected to protect the young and innocent. I’ve now removed these restrictions but tried to give a rough guidance on age suitability and material contained within, without spoilers.

Ultimately however, I do not accept any responsibilities for your level of sensibility, so buyer beware…

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