Christmas Countdown Commercialism…

If you’re stuck for an idea for a loved one’s Christmas gift or looking for a Secret Santa gift, I’m pleased to offer my second collection of short stories – ‘You Could Make a Killing ‘ at the budget-bargain price of only 99p (and I believe the equivalent in local markets).

Yes, that’s right – less than one of your English Pounds/ pre-brexit tokens.

That’s a 67% discount on the normal price – who needs to wait for Boxing Day Sales?

This offer is only available from the 13th to the 20th December,  so if you’ve been put off by the high ticket price tag, now’s the time to jump on board.

99 pence special offer for limited time only!

You Could Make a Killing - release date October 17th. Art work by Nicola Young
You Could Make a Killing – on special offer from 13th to 20th December.

Wait, there’s more…

Buy You Could Make a Killing at any point between now and December 20th, and get a free, never-before-seen (and as yet, unwritten: oooh, a deadline) Christmas tale emailed directly to you.

How will I know if you’ve really bought it? I have a complex, algorithm utilising a proprietary AI system which will tell me…it’s called the “Naughty or Nice 10k Checker“. Actually, it’s not: it’s a trust based system. But if you buy, and want a copy of my Festive Fiction special, use the contact form and let me know…and I’ll email it direct to your inbox in time for Christmas.


Still too much? Keep reading on…

Blown all your cash on your loved ones already?

You’re a good person. Or financially inept.

But, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can still get hold of a copy, ya filthy animal (getting Christmas quotes in here, to boot…), and if you’ve already shelled out the cash on YKMaK, you can get Basement Tales – my collection of dark stories, or, if like many others out there you find a little of me goes a long way, you can also get Burning: An Anthology of Short Thrillers – featuring my short story, “The Five Votive Candles of Joe Wray” alongside 13 other shorts…


There you go – there’s your Christmas gift from me. Pick up a copy today for full price or free on Kindle Unlimited,  or wait a couple of days and get one for the bargain price.

And if you’re feeling really flush and want the full personalised experience you can order via the order pages on this site, and I’ll even autograph it…although why you’d want that I have no idea.

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