Comic Relief: Charity Donations and a Free Read…read on for details.

So Friday 15th March is Red Nose Day. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s the day every two years where money is raised for charities by Comic Relief. You can read all about it here. 

This year I’ve decided to do something active for it – not as active as running a marathon or climbing a mountain (and that’s only because I’m having a shoulder operation later this month, honest…)

I’ve decided, tiny gesture that it is, to give any proceeds this month from Kindle Unlimited reads of You Could Make a Killing towards Red Nose. Given some of the stories have a very, very, dark twist to them, it seemed vaguely appropriate.

You Could Make a Killing Book Cover
All Kindle Unlimted reads of You Could Make a Killing in March donated to Comic Relief.

So to explain just a little bit:

You Could Make a Killing is available as paperback and Kindle, but also as part of the Kindle Unlimited scheme.
For those of you not familiar with Kindle Unlimited – it’s a subscription service that Kindle users can sign up to and, for £7.99 per month can download any of the books featured in its selection for free.

An author of a book featured in Kindle Unlimited receives payments based on pages read. So, according to this works out as being: “just under 1/2 a cent per page ($0.00488  per page to be exact)” This varies slightly depending on some underlying mechanisms in Amazon’s working, but that’s more or less it. The nice thing is that Amazon keeps very exact records of how many pages have been read. This means at the end of the month, I’ll be able to see exactly how much has been read and at some point will get a cheque for that amount. I’m going to donate whatever that amount is for all reads of You Could Make a Killing to Comic Relief.

Now that’s not going to be Stephen King size figures, but hey – every little bit helps right?

A few questions you might have…

What if I don’t have Kindle Unlimited? 

Ok. That’s a sticking point: but you can try it for one month for free. That would cover March and give you the chance to read the book for free and make some money for charity (It would also give you the chance to read over a million independent authors’ works if you have the time or inclination…)

I don’t like Amazon – is it available anywhere else? 

I understand – and there are a few things I don’t like about Amazon – but that’s the scheme my book is available on, and for various legal reasons the only one it will be available on as part of a subscription scheme for a while. Soz. I’ll not make any jokes about the fact it would be a way of having Amazon giving some money to charity, albeit indirectly.

My friend doesn’t like your book. I don’t like your book either. 

I suppose you’re wanted men with the death sentence on twelve systems. But that wasn’t a question so I’m going to ignore it other than say: meh, lots of people won’t. But here’s a chance to write a stinking review of it while still helping charity (Note: please don’t write a stinking review of it).

How can I tell everyone about this so that they all read the book and make money for charity? 

Well, here’s the link:

You can cut and paste that.

Or click on the picture below.

(And if you choose the Kindle Unlimited button, that nasty £2.99 thing will disappear).

Otherwise…I dunno. I barely know what I’m doing with this whole marketing thing anyway… 🙂 No – just give them the link to the book or tell them to look up the title and/ or my name. Amazon has a search engine…from there they can tell if they’ve got Kindle Unlimited, Whether they want Kindle Unlimited etc. People in my old job used to tell me (at length) that Amazon’s site makes it easy to find things…

Isn’t this just a way to use a charity to get some publicity for your book? 

That never works. Did anyone go on to sell any more records because they took part in Live Aid? Ok, don’t answer that.

Seriously? I only have two books out. If people are getting this one for free…there ain’t that much more money I’m going to make  🙂 So if you have a friend who might like a twist-in-the-tale story, let them know. If you’ve read the book and hated every minute you spent wasting your time on it…here’s your chance to get revenge on someone you don’t really like by recommending it to them.

And as I said – I’ve got a busted shoulder: I’ll make my usual donation this year, but this just seemed like a chance to do something else.

Your writing goes on and on…do I have to read it all? 

Every page counts. You don’t have to read it all. Or you can spend all month clicking back and forward to earn millions (I doubt this actually works…)

How do we know you won’t just keep the money? 

I visited here once: didn’t like the vibe of the place. Have no intention of going back.


Seriously? I guess it’s a trust thing. That, and I’m not a complete douchebag.

I’ll take a pic of me sending the cheque or something.

How can I share this with someone, without them having to read all of the crap above? 

OK, here’s the short version you can cut and paste and send to anyone you want.


Read You Could Make a Killing by Simon Bewick on Kindle Unlimited any time in March. A bunch of twist-in-the tale short stories. It won’t cost you, and all author proceeds will be donated to charity for Comic Relief. Search name/ title or follow the link here:


Well, that’s about it. Feel free t to pass on if you think there’s any value in it. If it does feel like a scam or publicity bait, please ignore and carry on as you were…

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