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One last post today – I promise.

Just to give a heads up that there’ll be a few changes on the blog coming soon. Some design tweaks, some exciting news about new publications, and a new series of posts I’m excited about writing and sharing with you.

A couple of people have pointed out I have been positive in all of the posts on the site so far – movies, novels, resources etc I like. You’re such a positive person, they tell me. Clearly they’re people who don’t know me very well, but they’re right: I have written about stuff I like because…well, life’s too short to worry about the really bad thing: so far I haven’t wanted to be negative about writers or movies but I will be…I promise.

But… not for this upcoming series: this will be more in-depth profiles of my 10 favourite authors writing today: a series I’m excited about as the authors themselves have given their blessing and, in some cases, guidance. These are the authors I have on my pre-order lists: the ones I get on the day of publication, and devour immediately.

I’m not naming names yet  – you’ll know some of them, maybe not be so familiar with some of the others – but I can guarantee that if you like the movies/ novels/ shorts I’ve referred to so far in these posts, then you’re going to really enjoy these writers…and in these extended posts I’ll be looking to give you a potted history of their careers, and suggest some of my favourites of their works.

So starting Monday  1st September watch out for a once-a-week in-depth review of my favourite writers…and if you know any ‘readers’ (in the words of the late, great Bill Hicks) who might be interested, feel free to pass on the blog details.


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