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Here’s the post- enjoy, and if you want to read one of the stories from  You Could Make a Killing you can read it here.

My husband is just finishing off his second book of short stories and this time he agreed that I could design his book cover.

I started off with a bit of research and as I’m not skilled enough to use any online design software opted for a Matisse style paper cut design taking inspiration from the genius designer Saul Bass.

If you’re not familiar with his name you’ll certainly be familiar with his iconic works…

A selection of Saul Bass' work
A selection of Saul Bass’ work

I started with some scribbles – as much as anything to make sure the design I was thinking of was something my other half would like and then I worked up some basic layouts to size.

and then I spent the rest of the day with a scalpel and big pile of paper.  I created two designs, although I think the simple black, white and grey version works best.



Post Script:

Well, in the end, I went with the colour version…You Could Make a Killing is now available at Amazon


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