Fiendish Christmas Quiz Answers



The gift: it’s five pounds of veal! Given to a young Frank Cross by his father in Scrooged. Much better than the choo-choo train he wanted…


The gift; the bear that came to the party…or sat in the Limo. John McClane’s festive offering from Die Hard


The gift: what the f***k is it? Why it’s a wooden pickle. Not technically correct as it should have been blood red, as presented to Willie by The Kid in Bad Santa



The gift: what better present from a long lost son? Buddy’s effort in Elf. 



The gift: the best action movie that’s actually a Christmas movie (suck it Die Hard): Riggs’ gift to Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon


The gift: ok, a pre-Christmas gift, but important to the Christmassy nature of the most messed up Christmas movie ever, Michael Keaton as the titular Jack Frost (even if the puppet was made when they thought it was going to be George Clooney starring in it)


The gift: Christmas apples! Even though some saddo (ie not a saddo who spends their time making impossible Christmas quizzes) points out on IMDB that The Muppet Christmas Carol has Gonzo (as Charles Dickens) and Rizzo selling “Red Delicious” apples. “A Christmas Carol” was published in 1843, and Red Delicious apples were developed in 1880. I hate docudramas that don’t get their facts right.


The gift: Gizmo’s box from Gremlins. There doesn’t appear to be any breathing holes in it – apparently the missing rule ‘don’t suffocate them’ didn’t apply.


The gift: technically a housewarming gift, but clearly Harry decided to buy himself it instead as he uses it post-coitus to try and get Sally to ring him back (assuming she’s not trapped under something heavy) in When Harry Met Sally


The gift: better than a necklace any day. Joni Mitchell cd as given to Karen from Harry (apparently Harries often mess up at Christmas) in Love Actually


The gift: an invisibility cloak, as given to Harry (see?) in one of the Harry Potter films…the one set at Christmas, presumably. #notimetoresearch


The gift…that arrived late in Gremlins. A bit of poetic license taken here, given they found Kate Beringer’s father about four or five days after Christmas…but, hey – it would have been a bit much putting a slightly decomposing corpse there, wouldn’t it? It’s Christmas, after all.

Merry Christmas everyone, I’m off to watch It’s A Wonderful Life Part 2: the Shawshank Years – where George is still sent to jail, despite the whip round, and ends up having a bad time in prison. It still brings a tear to the eye…




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