Halloween is coming…!

A short one today because there’s a whole lot going on and coming up…

But given we’re now at October 13th, I thought it might be time for the Halloween countdown to begin. (You know, reverse the numbers…or something?)

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting up some Halloween stuff: movies, novels, shorts, TV and other stuff to get us all into the mood for the scary season… culminating with a new short story I’m hoping to get written before then which I’ll be reading (gulp) at a local story telling evening on the night itself…and promise to post here as soon after as possible…

Let the countdown begin doo-doo-doo-doo-doo etc…stay tuned. (Ok, so Season of the Witch was not a great film, but the commercials were great…)

But just to get the head, err, I mean ball rolling. Here’s an old post from ragtagmagpie.com about

Well, when we were children, Halloween meant carving out a turnip…(that’s a Northern thing and a lot harder than these new fangled Pumpkins…)

Nowadays the American Trick or Treat has become a tradition here in the UK.

Here at Ragtag Towers we tend to get more excited about our props than the visiting kids do…keep watching for some of our ideas for Halloween decorating but in the meantime here’s a home drawing of  Sam, from the 2007 film Trick R Treat by Michael Dougherty, a fun flick for Halloween- an anthology film which is just scary enough, without too much gore.

Sam Trick R Treat
Sam Trick R Treat