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25 Years in Marketing taught me that you should get to the point quickly with a clear call-to-action. So – My new book You Could Make a Killing is now available! Buy one now. It’s only £2.99 UK, $3.29 US on Kindle, and in Paperback for £8.99 UK and same equivalent wherever you are.

You can buy it HERE (in the UK – if it doesn’t work where you are, you can just search for ‘You Could Make a Killing’ or ‘Simon Bewick’ in your local Amazon:


My shyer version – the non-marketing ‘just a humble scribe who drones on a bit’ would probably go a bit more like this:

This blog is, as the home page points out, intended to provide reviews – of books, authors and movies, resources for writers and would-be writers, bits and bobs that don’t fit elsewhere, and occasionally some free fiction: sometimes published things, sometimes scribbling never released.

Even less frequent than the latter, this blog very occasionally, and in a cynical marketing move, also promotes my non-free fiction. This does not happen often:  it takes longer to produce a  (hopefully) salable piece of fiction than it does one of my usual rambling posts.

For that reason, I am not going to apologize for this post. (Unless you’re someone who has only just started following the blog and think I do this regularly. I don’t. And I’m sorry…sort of).

What I’m NOT sorry about is taking this opportunity to tell you a little bit about my brand-new collection of short stories You Could Make a Killing – and when I say ‘brand- new’ I mean it – it became available, by my estimate, seven hours before this posting.

If you read and perhaps quite liked at least a few parts of Basement Tales, my first collection of shorts: which was a mixture of horror, mystery, crime and a few oddities, then I think you’ll really enjoy You Could Make a Killing.

If you read Basement Tales and didn’t like the horror or wondered if a couple of pages were missing on certain stories because they seemed a bit…strange, then I think you’ll really enjoy You Could Make a Killing: the stories are murders, mysteries, crimes, with a whole bunch of twists-in-those-tales but no vampires, werewolves, or any other element of the supernatural. That’s not to say there isn’t horror of a different sort – some are funny, albeit in a twisted sort of way. Some are straight up dark and disturbing. One of the stories made a grown man cry for the first time in his life (he wrote to tell me…) Oh, and You Could Make a Killing is altogether nicer looking than that useless old thing Basement Tales (unless you haven’t bought it already in which case it’s quirky and still available – no really, it’s quite good). But the new one! Ah, the cover! The properly formatted margins! The lack of blank pages! It’s like it is a real book.

If you didn’t read Basement Tales, then you’ll like You Could Make a Killing, and you’ll like Basement Tales too – ignore all that stuff in the previous paragraph ‘twas nothing but a joke. You could buy both: they’re available in a 2-for-2 offer on Amazon right now…

But seriously for a moment…

I love my new book.

I love the Saul Bass inspired cover my very talented wife designed.

I love a number of the stories in it – it includes my two favorite stories written to date, but all of them reflect the sort of writing I like – the writing that has inspired me, and the stories I love to tell.

It’s also going to be the last short story collection I publish for a while: there’s lots more stuff coming soon (and not-quite-so-soon): one novel due before Christmas, and hopefully one in the first quarter of next year. There may even be a couple of surprise publications along the way…

But as far as short stories go – this is it for a bit.

Now, I’m not saying this is one of those adverts you see on TV promising ‘Sale Must End Sunday’…or ‘Limited Stock’…I’m hoping it’ll be around for a while…but, hey – you never know: a struggling little company like Amazon could go under any day now, so why take the chance?

I hope you’ll buy the book.

I hope you’ll like it.

I hope…

(Wait, that’s a bit Stephen King ‘Shawshank Redemption’ isn’t it?)

Whether you buy the book or not – and if you’ve made it this far, you’ll be able to make it through the entire collection…but even if you don’t, do keep reading the blog: who knows?

I may be able to persuade you in time, gentle reader.


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