Latest Release…Update

I’m really pleased to  be able to pass on a couple of bits of news. Well, five to be exact..

  1. My new collection of short stories, You Could Make a Killing, is as of today available in both print and Kindle on Amazon. Even better – Amazon have included the print version in their Prime selection, meaning order it with something else to total over £10 and you get free next day delivery (although they do caveat that last part slightly)…but still FREE P&P!
  2. Basement Tales my first collection of short stories is still available on Amazon, but as of today apparently, they’ve applied a special discount offer on the paperback edition, meaning you can get it for the super-duper bargain price of only £7.99  £5.99 – and it’s also available now as part of Prime… I have no idea why Amazon have chosen to discount the book or what it means for me in getting my Franklins…but take the deal before they notice I say…Hey! Just an idea – you could buy both this and YCMaK and get them delivered FREE as it comes to over £10. Stock up early for Halloween!
  3. Burning – the anthology I have a story appearing in (and it is one I’m very pleased with), is still available at the, quite frankly, ridiculous price of just Ninety-nine of your English pennies…but, as those crappy SCS adverts always say ‘must end Saturday’ – and in this case, rather than the tat-sofa merchants, it’s true.
  4. If you don’t want to buy from Amazon, you can buy either Basement Tales or You Could Make a Killing right here on this website: just visit the ordering page. No discounts or free postage or packing there I’m afraid, but I’ll sign it or draw something on it if that takes your fancy.
  5. And that’s all folks for now – will be doing a reading at the quite fantastic Temperance bar here in Leamington Spa this evening – a brand new story I mentioned in the blog back at the weekend: a speed written piece: 3,000 words written and edited in 3 hours. If it doesn’t get me canned off stage I’ll publish it as a Halloween special next week. (free- and with no P&P…)

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