Odds and Ends

Here’s the bits that don’t really fit anywhere else…

Before the Big Break

85 authors talk about how many books they wrote before ‘the one’ that got them published.

Fiendish Christmas Movie Quiz…

A Picture Quiz for the Nerdy Movie Fans Out There…And thinking it’s so tricky, I’ve put it up a whole month and a half ahead of time. Answers will come in December…

A Review of Amazon Reviews…

What I’ve learned from writing reviews on Amazon…and a free tip list offer.

The Overrated Nature of Crime Fiction

When a ‘real’ author disses an entire genre…

What’s Fair in Criticism?

Giving.and taking criticism. How far’s too far?

Simon Bewick interviewing Luke McCallin and Paul Hardisty at Newcastle Noir 2019

Moderating at Newcastle Noir 2019

Remembering my session moderating Luke McCallin and Paul Hardesty at Newcatle Noir in 2019.

“They’re different in the book…”

A fun quiz that looks at the liberties movies have taken in the casting of key characters in fiction.

Designing a Book Cover…

A case study from start to finish

Long Praise for the Short Story

Why I love the short story format – to read and write.

Amazon Reviews: some thoughts

Burning Chair…Burning Ears: an Interview

On the Radio…

Movie Reviews: A Quiz

photograph of my cellar where I do my writing

Where Have You Been? Re-visiting a first novel attempt…

Opening Lines and First Impressions…

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