Out Now: Cellar Stories!

I’m pleased to announce that today sees the publication of my new short story collection ‘Cellar Stories‘.

Available in Paperback or on Kindle, Cellar Stories is a collection of 13 dark tales aimed at pre-teens, teens and adults with a feeling of nostalgia for the sort of horror and fantasy the likes of Action Comics, Tales from the Crypt, The Twilight Zone and Hammer House of Horror used to offer back in the day.


Cover of book Cellar Stories featuring a line drawing of a doorway and steps leaving down
Cellar Stories – available now in Paperback or Kindle

Inside Cellar Stories the stories range from the ‘no-fright guaranteed’ to the ‘deeply disturbing’…

Stories include:

  • A  young boy’s chilling gang initiation in a world of danger. 
  • A boy’s first day at a new school and the terrifying reason he’s there.
  • A family visit to a creepy old house that goes very badly.
  • The history of a magazine that took over the world.
  • A car purchasing experience that might just drive the buyers mad.
  • An Escape Room that proves to be a deadly challenge. 
  • A doctor’s visit to a sick young girl, where the cure may just be worse than the illness. 
  • A lunch date that’s out of this world. 
  • A trick or treat tale where the emphasis is most definitely on the trick. 
  • A school bully who finds it’s time for his come-comeuppance. 
  • The arrival of a new sibling who changes everything for his teenage brother.
  • A Winter Circus and a visit to a town that changes everything forever. 
  • An author looking for the ultimate nightmare…no matter what the cost. 

Road tested with children and adults, the collection has a range of stories from the sublime to the scary and is suitable for readers who enjoy Anthony Horowitz, Roald Dahl or Darren Shan.

Order now at the introductory offer reduced price of £6.99 in Paperback, £1.99 on Kindle or, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read for free!

Want a taster?

The Chicken Run


Paperback delivery in time for Halloween! 

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