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  1. Wow thank you that was interesting… oscars are always about the actors and the film itself.
    Batman and Superman are great film sets.

    But tonight I reckon the Darkest Hour could be in for some awards but not sure about this particular one as I haven’t actually seen any of them.

    Well see 😊😊

  2. One of the first reactions here, Simon, was to skim through the names of the movies to the one’s I’d seen and suddenly get flashbacks to scenes which you may, or may not, mention. I wonder if I would have done that had the film been current and I had just walked out.
    I never took any notice of the critics opinions before I saw something.

  3. The night is upon us Simon…the Tales From The Tomb….The Terror of Temperance will be revisited tonight…the audience, if they survive, will be regaled with stories from the dark and gruesome past of Temperance….That’s the plan anyway.

    1. So many good ones. I forgot this post was coming up – I wrote it a few years ago for my wife’s art blog. Touch of Petulance is a great little short story too but I could choose any of fifty πŸ™‚

  4. I used to love all these random movies and episodes of TV shows when I was a kid that I later found out he’d written, and then I started getting into him. Used to watch The Electric Grandmother on HBO all the time.

    1. Thanks Patrick – The Electric Grandmother is one I haven’t seen – not available in any format I can find here in the UK…

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