You Could Make a Killing (Short Stories Collection 2)


A collection of 14 Twist-in-the-Tale short stories

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You Could Make a Killing is a collection of 14 twist-in-the-tale mystery tales by Simon Bewick, author of Basement Tales.
Featuring all-new stories that will keep you guessing until the last line, delve into You Could Make a Killing for twisted tales about killers and victims, cops and robbers, the good and the bad and some things in between that might just blur the line…
Read the new collection from Simon Bewick, and find out why readers have called him, ‘reminiscent of M.R. James’, ‘the new voice in horror’ and ‘one of the most exciting new voices in crime fiction’.
Look inside and discover:
•A man who won’t take any more when he’s pushed too far, only to discover that speed really can kill

•A teenage boy living in the aftermath of his best friend’s murder…who may be the next target in the killer’s sights

•A bedtime story that is anything that could just be your worst nightmare

•Two veteran killers who will do whatever it takes to train up their new apprentice
And much, much more…
See why Simon Bewick has been described as ‘the new voice in horror’ (Amazon review) in a set of stories where the horrors are all-to-real: no vampires, werewolves or zombies here – but ghosts of done deeds and the dark underbelly chills of the everyday world around us offer up a dread throughout the stories-with-surprises throughout.
Praise for the author and previous works:
“…casts a malevolent shadow over small towns and everyday concerns, revealing the dark truths that haunt us all.” – Jerry Gordon, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of ‘Breaking the World’
“As a reader, I love surprises. I’ve always looked for stories by writers who don’t just understand the twist ending and the value of a good shock, but those who have a little something extra. I wouldn’t blurb for any author who didn’t have that. So start reading…” – Joseph M. Monks, author of Torn to Pieces
“An excellent mix of creeping tension and straight out horror…” – Amazon reviewer
“…full of the type of dark tales that stick with you…” – Amazon reviewer
This collection also includes a free preview of the forthcoming novel ‘The 100% Detective…”
If you like your fiction gritty, nostalgic tales with very modern twists – creepy, tense, sometimes sentimental, always with a jet black shot of humour running through its’ veins, take a look at ‘You Could Make a Killing’…and keep looking over your shoulder.