Where have you been all this time? Editing a long-sort-of-lost novel

I've published two collections of short stories (did I ever mention Basement Tales and You Could Make a Killing?) to test the waters in self-publishing, Kindle and so forth but these have been, in a sense, warm ups before I start publishing novels. I have a number of novels in various stage - one fully... Continue Reading →

Talk Radio Part 1

This afternoon, Sunday 4th November at 4pm UK time, I'm going to try something different: I'll be appearing on an internet radio show entitled Stratford Words : (http://www.welcomberadio.co.uk) I've never done a radio show about writing in general, or my writing in particular. It's going to be a one hour interview with the show's host,  Nick... Continue Reading →

Writing Horror for Children

"I wrote a few children's books...not on purpose." - Stephen Wright So I wrote a story and a half over the weekend. That's not bad going - it was, in a sense, another attempt at speed writing, with a reason for the deadline... I have my two young nephews, Bartholomew and Theodore down for a... Continue Reading →

The Dangerous Life of a Writer…

Following my physiotherapist's assertion that I really need to find a better stance for writing (I think she meant physically, rather than any political leanings), I was reminded of one of my favourite Monty Python sketches that hints at exactly what sort of physical and emotional turmoil the writer can go through... https://youtu.be/rQDeU6dHX-c   Clearly,... Continue Reading →

Latest Release…Update

I'm really pleased to  be able to pass on a couple of bits of news. Well, five to be exact.. My new collection of short stories, You Could Make a Killing, is as of today available in both print and Kindle on Amazon. Even better - Amazon have included the print version in their Prime... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction of a Different Kind: An exercise: Part 1

I've previously written about flash fiction: stories of 1,000 words or less, I even included a few versions of my efforts in the subsection of it - micro fiction (100 words), and sudden fiction (750 words) elsewhere on this here site somewhere. Today I thought I'd try a different version of 'flash fiction' - although... Continue Reading →

The Write Stuff: Notes from an Evening

On Wednesday night I did a two-hour session at Temperance, in Leamington Spa on publishing and writing. The session looked at the state of publishing today, different types of publishing opportunities, costs and opportunities, as well as some recommended resources, and some collected writing tips from the good and the great. While I continue to... Continue Reading →

Writing Resource 7/100: Backup

Today's resource is part advice, part 'why would I listen to anything you say when you're clearly as dumb as a box of rocks'? Backup: Unbelievably obvious, right? This thought struck me as I spent a considerable part of last night and into the early hours of this morning, as well as this morning searching for... Continue Reading →

The Write Stuff: An Evening of Writing Talk…

Just got home after giving a two hour presentation on 'Getting Published'...thanks to everyone who came along - I hope the evening was of some use. It's been a few months since my last public speaking engagement, but it was a fun evening where I presented about the current state of publishing, key characteristics of... Continue Reading →

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