The Write Stuff: Notes from an Evening

On Wednesday night I did a two-hour session at Temperance, in Leamington Spa on publishing and writing. The session looked at the state of publishing today, different types of publishing opportunities, costs and opportunities, as well as some recommended resources, and some collected writing tips from the good and the great. While I continue to... Continue Reading →

The Write Stuff: An Evening of Writing Talk…

Just got home after giving a two hour presentation on 'Getting Published'...thanks to everyone who came along - I hope the evening was of some use. It's been a few months since my last public speaking engagement, but it was a fun evening where I presented about the current state of publishing, key characteristics of... Continue Reading →

A few short story openings…

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about opening lines and first impressions - looking at some of my favourite first sentences of literature. That got me to look at some of my own first lines, and then got me looking at some of the many many stories that I've started, either in... Continue Reading →

Writing Competitions: Pay to Play?

A short one today because, well, I have a lot of writing to get done and a bunch of competitions to enter…but should I? My Facebook feed today contained three separate paid-for adverts for writing competitions: one to submit short fiction with the chance to have it turned in to a screenplay, and two for... Continue Reading →

Writing Resource 5/100: An Editor

Some writers see editors as an indispensable element of their writer's toolkit, others see them as a pain in the ass disrupting their beatiful ideas and creations. Those writer's is likey to remain magnificent in there own minds and with works sitting on their c:drive and nowhere else. (That was a non-to-subtle way of pointing... Continue Reading →

A couple of questions…

So today's 'real' post will be shorter for a couple of reasons: I'm working on the first longer length Author profile, hopefully coming out Monday (and when I say hopefully I mean that's when I promised the series would start...) I need to get on and do some 'proper' writing... I'm interested to know whether... Continue Reading →

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