Homecoming: a review

Before: The new Amazon Prime series and starring some big names - in particular Julia Roberts, produced and directed by Sam Esmail, the man behind Mr. Robot, and hearing the word 'Hitchcockian' thrown around. After: 10 episodes, 30 mins or thereabouts each, so not the big time investment required of some series. And when you're... Continue Reading →


In these film reviews, I take the format of what I knew going into the movie, and what I thought coming out of it...as simple as that. Warning: Possible Spoilers. Before:¬† One of the more talked about horror movies of 2018, Hereditary has received wide ranging reviews so far: from those claiming it to be... Continue Reading →

Indie Wire Top 100 Horror Films: and some thoughts. 50-1

So earlier this week Indie Wire¬†posted their top 100 horror movies of all time. Yesterday I posted in their choices from 100-51, with some random thoughts or comments on each of them from me. Here's the list from 50 to number 1. Tomorrow, a few overall thoughts, and my personal top 10... Once again, all... Continue Reading →