Talk Radio Part 1

This afternoon, Sunday 4th November at 4pm UK time, I’m going to try something different: I’ll be appearing on an internet radio show entitled Stratford Words : (

I’ve never done a radio show about writing in general, or my writing in particular.

It’s going to be a one hour interview with the show’s host,  Nick Le Mesurier – whom I’ve only met once, but seemed a very nice gentleman, so hopefully he’ll be kind to you during the session.

Here’s what he says in his preview to the show:

This Sunday I’ll be talking with Simon Bewick. Simon used to be Global Head of Digital Marketing at Oxford University Press, and is now a full time writer of dark noir-ish thrillers. He also runs workshops on how to get published. So he’s a good chap to know and listen to. See you this Sunday 4-5pm.

It should be fun, assuming I:

a) don’t drop the ‘F’ or ‘C’ bomb live…(and you know, I’ve worked and moved in reasonably social situations, so I’m hoping I don’t suddenly develop Tourette’s…)

b) don’t freeze so much it creates a whole new dimension of dead air (but I’ve watched enough episodes of Fraiser that I feel I can talk in full sentences…)

c) and don’t completely balls up the reading they’ve asked me to do from You Could Make a Killing: they’ve asked me to read ‘First Class’ – a 5k short story which I think is quite fun, but worry slightly that I could end up sounding like the worst ‘gangster’ cliche in the history of the airwaves…I’ve shortened the story down slightly from the original version to about 3.8k, so should take between 15- 20 minutes to read…

I’ll also be talking about my influences, where ‘inspiration’ comes from (part of the reason I chose to read ‘First Class’ as I think it’s an interesting example of that), some general stuff about the state of publishing today, and talk a little bit about my experiences in both main, and self- publishing.

If you’ve got internet (and if you’re reading this I assume you have) and aren’t doing much at 4 o’clock this afternoon, why not tune in?

Assuming I make it out of there alive (and don’t  Eric Bogosian the whole thing), I’ll drop a few lines down later tonight or tomorrow and say how I found the whole thing.

Listen in!



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