The Chicken Run

Last night I downloaded a Kindle book – ‘100 Word Horrors Part 2: An Anthology of Horror Drabbles (100 Word Horror Collection)’ edited by Kevin J Kennedy.

100 Word Horrors Part 2: Kevin J. Kennedy book cover
100 Word Horrors Part 2: Kevin J. Kennedy


It features a story by Terry West, a writing acquaintance whose writing I enjoy a lot. It has a fantastic cover (if, like me, you remember the ’80’s you’ll get a VHS flashback of the best kind just looking at it),  and I love the concept: a hundred words to tell a horror story. 

I’d recommend the book for anyone who likes a horror story, and also for anyone looking to see how to pare down a story to its’ minimum: something anyone who has read my work will know I have some problems with…

You can buy the book today at Amazon on Kindle or paperback- check it out (ISBN –  978-1798268780)

Anyway, inspired by the good stuff inside, I sat down this morning and tried my own 100-word story. Hope you like it.

The Chicken Run

Today was my sixteenth birthday.

Tonight’s my initiation.

The Chicken Run

The gang are hollering and rattling the chain-link fence both ends of the alley.

Stirring things up.

I ran track back in school.

I was good, before the cigarettes and drink.

It’s raining, making the street slick – easy to slip.

I can’t think about that.

They’re starting to emerge from the dark, stirred by the banging, their decayed heads lifting, sniffing air:  gaping, hanging maws awaiting fresh meat.

I climb the fence, think back to track.

Go fast.

Go hard.

Don’t slip.

My Initiation Night in Zombie Alley.

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