The Long Way Home – Pitch Perfect Transcript

The Long Way Home

 I’m nervous today. But I’ve been nervous before: when I had to reveal something I hoped I’d never have to. When I asked my wife to marry me.

  Those occasions, with imagination, inspired the start of my novel.

 What if you’re planning to propose, but have to reveal your true past and unthinkable future before you do?  

 Nik Rivers is going to ask Lisa Marshall to marry him. He thinks she’ll say no and tonight will be the last time he sees her. Because he will be honest. Finally. He’ll tell her about his sister’s murder 12 years ago. The media circus that followed, why he disappeared, returning as a new man, in a new city, a year before they met.

He’ll tell her about the man who murdered his sister: Derek Parker – about to be released after a decade behind bars: the beneficiary of a DNA foul up all those years ago. But what he believes will drive Lisa away, and what he has to tell her, is his intention to kill Parker when he’s freed.

Nik Rivers isn’t a ruthless killer. He doesn’t have special skills. He’s a decent man, who has done charitable work in some of the harshest environments in the world. He’ll make the death quick, but he’ll do it because if he doesn’t, he knows Derek Parker will kill again.

When he does propose, Lisa Marshall will have to tell Nik her own truths. Because only one thing he tells her will come as a shock. It wasn’t a coincidence they met, and she knew about his past even then – his sister’s murder. The aftermath. His disappearance.

All of it.

The shock will be she had no idea of Derek Parker’s imminent release.

Her father.


Lisa has questions for Parker, and she can’t let Nik kill him until they’re answered. She needs to know what part he played in her sister’s suicide months before his arrest: Events that made Lisa flee the family home and re-create herself.

The hunt is on. The murderer is now the target. And he’ll talk. They’ll do whatever it takes to make him admit to his crimes – both known…and unknown.

 But how far are the two prepared to go to uncover the truth?

And what will it do to them?



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