Throwback Thursday:Movies of the Year 2010: Video

Well, let the embarrassment commence…

Several years ago myself and #1 son used to do a regular series of video reviews. We called ourselves 1 1/2 go to the movies, and then later, C.R.A.P movies (Charity Related Art Pieces) – where we would visit charity shops and select a DVD available whihc had to be under £2 and then review it – me normally having consumed a few beers.

Rooting through the anodic attic I swept away the cyber cobwebs, blew of the digital dust and discovered some micro memories. IE, cleaning up my old PC I found a few of these video files.

With apologies to #1 son, I thought it might be fun to stick a few of these up…some of it still bring a smile to my face.

Brief thoughts on 2010 and our – specially my choices…

2010 wasn’t the best of years for Cinema…and that’s my excuse for some of my choices. Looking back I had no ‘Looking for Eric’, ‘Winter’s Bone’, ‘Disappearance of Alice Creed’, ‘Animal Kingdom’, ‘Never Let Me Go’, ‘Easy A’, ‘Buried’, ‘Four Lions’ all of which would in retrospect have been ahead of at least one of my choices…

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