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Virtual Noir at the Bar is an online weekly event where crime and mystery writers read, live, from their works.

Created as a Coronavirus alternative from the physical event – the fully fledged Newcastle chapter of Noir at the Bar, both events are hosted by Vic Watson.


You can follow Vic on Twitter and Facebook at: @vpeanuts to find out more about VNatB or email us at

The premise is simple enough: writers – best selling, award winning, novice, amateurs and pros alike share their work with the audience on a Wednesday night, normally between eight and ten to an event, and reading for no more than ten minutes each.

We try to make the event as interactive as possible, so the live web version allows for interactive audience chat and to post Q&A to the authors throughout the evening, as well as break time quizzes and the chance to win books from the authors speaking that night.

Want to know how and why VNatB came about? Take a look at this video:

You can sign up to ensure you find out about forthcoming events here

Please note: while VNatB is a free-to-attend event, donations to help us maintain the platforms required are always very welcome. If you can donate as little as £3, you can do so at and you’ll be helping us keep this little show going.

The Archives

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Episode 10: June 3rd 2020

Featuring: Dave Sivers, Theresa Talbot, Holly Seddon, Vic Watson, Jean Rafferty, Gillian McAllister, Chris McDonald, Danny Marshall, Lizzy Barber and Phoebe Locke.

Bonus Feature: sneak peak preview with selected authors reading snippets from their entries in our new anthology Noir from the Bar




Episode 9: May 27th 2020

Featuring: Adele Parks, Jane Corry, Ali Land, Rachael Blok, Sam Carrington, Katie Lowe, Lesley Kara, Vaseem Khan, Peter Rosovsky, Fiona Cummins

Episode 8: May 20th 2020

Featuring: S E Lynes, Louise Beech, Noelle Holten, Julia Crouch, M.M. Chouinard, Nicola Martin, Chris Ewan, Darren O’Sullivan, Amer Anwar and Ragnar Jonasson.

Note: the session ran so long, with audience anticipation and questions, we’ve split this one in two for easier bandwidth. 



Episode 7: May 13th 2020

Featuring: Ann Cleeves, Nick Quantrill, Elizabeth Drabble, Claire McGowan, Phoebe Morgan, Mel McGrath, Kate Rhodes, Sarah Hilary, Mary Paulson-Ellis, Sarah Vaughan

(* Note: there were a few sound issues on our first speaker – Elizabeth Drabble’s reading, but it does get clearer after that!) 


Episode 6: May 6th 2020

Featuring: Michael Nath, Tony Kent, Quentin Bates, AM Peacock, CJ Cooke, Bea Davenport, Alison Bruce, Craig Robertson, CL Taylor, Susi Holliday

Episode 5: April 29th 2020

Featuring: Alan Jones, Kirsten McKenzie, Derek Farrell, Roz Watkins, Zoe Sharp, Karen Murdarasi, Lesley Kelly, Rob Scragg, Lucy Atkins, Ashley Erwin

Episode 4: April 22nd 2020

Featuring: Suzy Aspley, Simon Bewick, Alex Caan, Caroline Dunford, Emma Flint
Sarah Jeffery, Heleen Kist, Isaac Parker, Nic Parker, Sara Sheridan

Episode 3: April 15th 2020

Featuring: Louise Mangos, Effie Merryl, Danny Marshall, Neil Broadfoot, Rob Parker, Martyn Taylor, Trevor Wood, Eve Smith, Gytha Lodge, Chris Merritt

Episode 2: April 8th 2020

Featuring: Howard Linskey, D.V Bishop, Angela Clarke, Eileen Wharton, Margaret Kirk, Olga Wojtas, Marnie Riches, Iain Rowan, Pamela Brooks-Osborne. 

Please note: as this is raw, unedited footage, you should fast forward to approx 13:15 where the show starts proper. 

Episode 1: April 1st 2020

Unfortunately, this episode is not available. We were just starting out. We were shy…

Authors featured in Episode 1 were: Philippa East, David McCaffrey, Nicky Black, Alison Belsham, Nel Pattison, David Turton, Jackie Mclean, Andy Hill, Linda Wright,

Keep this url safe and come back to find new episodes of Virtual Noir at the Bar uploaded on a regular basis.

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