Virtual Noir at the Bar

Vic Watson has been running Noir at the Bar in Newcastle for four years.

I went to my first session a couple of months ago, before things got…weird. It’s a great evening – eight to ten authors, ranging from best sellers to unpublished, read from their work to an enthusiastic (increasingly so as the bar is visited) audience.

When we entered our own little version of The Stand, things obviously had to change and Vic decided to take the event online.

I’ve been helping out with the marketing and webinar hosting and, two weeks in, the event has been a roaring success – audience growing 100% week on week and a subscription list growing four fold.

Yes, I’m going to be reading some of my own work at a future event, but in the meantime I’m trying to use those twenty five years plus in my ‘real job’ of marketing to help out.

Here’s a promo video I produced for the project which explains what it is and how you can sign up to join us on our Wednesday night gatherings.

If you’re a crime/ mystery reader you’ll find some of the best authors working in the UK (and beyond) presenting their work, with the chance to win their books (in Corona-proof pdf copies).

If you’re a writer why not drop a line to to see how you can get involved.

It’s free to attend (donations are welcome but optional) and no complicated downloads or membership is required.

You can sign up to receive the newsletter and more information at:


Hope to see you at the bar!

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