Wallace & Gromit and Wrong Trousers Day

On June 29th 2018 thousands of fundraisers across the South West of England dressed up in their most outlandish trousers as part of a charity event to raise money for Bristol Children’s Hospital.

You can find out more information about the event, and how to donate or take part here or copy and paste this link:


To celebrate such a worthy effort we thought we’d write a post and a picture tribute to everyone’s favourite clay buddies (and if you happen to be a Morph and Chas fan, you’ll know they were Plasticine, so let’s not start any rivalries…)

Wallace and Gromit were, of course, created by Nick Park and Aardman Animations, back in 1989 when they appeared in the Oscar nominated 28 minute short ‘A Grand Day Out‘ – a film which ‘enjoys’ a place in a very small group of nominees who lost out to another of its’ creator’s own works- in this case, Park’s Creature Comforts

Wallace and Gromit became an instant fan favourite, with the public quickly falling in love with the absent minded inventor and his faithful four legged friend.

Over the years there have (so far) been 22 incarnations of W&G- from 2 minute short shorts to 30 minute films and tv episodes, a full length feature film in the Oscar and BAFTA winning Curse of the Were-rabbit.

As the success of The Curse of the Were-Rabbit reverberated around the world a fire swept through a storage warehouse containing models, props and many other treasures created by the animators and designers at Aardman.

The art of stop motion is a painstaking one- carrying on in the time honoured tradition of the likes of Ray Harryhausen, Animators at Aardman say each character moves 12 times a second to achieve the life-like animation. As anyone who has seen The Wrong Trousers knows scenes like the train chase include incredibly complex animation…WGTrain

Nick Park has used the Wallace and Gromit characters to act as figureheads for two children’s charities-the  Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity. which the aforementioned Wrong Trouser day supports, and the Wallace and Gromit Children’s Foundation which provides support for children’s hospices across the UK.

Why not visit one of the sites, where you can set up your own fundraising event, or donate.

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