World Premiere…this Thursday

So, last year I took part in a couple of storytelling evenings…not something I’d ever done before, and not something I’d intended to do when I turned up to listen, but being the big show-off I am I couldn’t resist it. I went on to run a couple of writing workshops there (details of which I‘ve previously written about elsewhere)

Photo of one of the downstairs areas of Temperance bar Leamington Spa
Storytelling Evening at Temperance bar Leamington Spa

Anyway, 2019 and a new storytelling evening at the rather wonderful Temperance Cafe coffee/ event venue in Leamington Spa and I’m hoping to present a short script I’ve written: fully acted out, even. It’s an interesting piece and, as may be expected from anyone that’s read my stuff pretty pitch black – there’s an undeniable ‘Inside Number 9’ influence going on with it…

I’m also very pleased that my son is going to not only be helping me out with the acting chores but also reading, for the first time in public, one of his own stories.

More to follow, and possibly even a recording of the piece if I can figure out technology to get it done right, but always look forward to evenings at Temperance…and if you find yourself in the area, come on down…


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