Last week I put a request out to readers and writers asking them what they’d like to see less of in publishing in 2023. Three things I’d say up front. 1. I did also ask what people would like to see more of in 2023. That didn’t get enough responses to write an article (after... Continue Reading →

Somewhere Down the River

The setting sun was a smeared blush against the August sky, reflected in the river rolling by and the sky was taking on a fiery red in its’ dying moments. There was a distant rumble from way behind her; possibly as far back as Hickman. She thought of the drive ahead of her tonight and... Continue Reading →

What I Think I Know About Publishing Marketing…

Background: (The 'It's All About Me' bit) I worked for an academic publisher for 25 years. My duties during that time included sales consultant, key account manager, regional sales manager, Direct Marketing Manager and, for the most prolonged period, Global Head of Digital Marketing. As Head of Digital, I oversaw a team that looked after... Continue Reading →

Review: Fairy Tale – Stephen King

Stephen King’s new novel, Fairy Tale, feels like a homage to a lot of stories and, indeed, storytellers – perhaps not surprising from the title. Many of the references throughout the story of Charlie Reade and his travel to the world of Empis are overt – Disney, Grimm Fairy tales, Ray Bradbury and HP Lovecraft,... Continue Reading →

Before the Big Break

I’m currently 27,273 words into writing my fifth novel. Or my fourth, if you don’t count the first one, which will never see daylight. Or my third, if you don’t count the one my agent has out on submission. Or my first, if none of them ever get published. But I think it’s my fifth.... Continue Reading →

Fiendish Christmas Quiz Answers

#1. The gift: it's five pounds of veal! Given to a young Frank Cross by his father in Scrooged. Much better than the choo-choo train he wanted... #2 The gift; the bear that came to the party...or sat in the Limo. John McClane's festive offering from Die Hard #3 The gift: what the f***k is... Continue Reading →

The Accident Call

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash FaDE IN: INT. house: basement/ cellar - day C/U: a mobile phone which starts ringing. Display reads CALLER UNKNOWN A man, middle-aged, world-weary, sitting at a desk with a PC in front of him. Looks at the phone and picks it up. TOM HENDERSON Tom Henderson. Unknown female (By... Continue Reading →

Noir from the Bar Press Release

International crime writers join forces to support NHS with new Crime Anthology Features shorts from best-sellers authors including Neil Broadfoot, Roz Watkins, Sharon Bolton and Zoe Sharp Newcastle-Upon-Tyne based literary group, Noir at the Bar, has brought together some of the best crime writers from across the globe, to publish a collection of short, fictional crime... Continue Reading →

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