Somewhere Down the River

The setting sun was a smeared blush against the August sky, reflected in the river rolling by and the sky was taking on a fiery red in its’ dying moments. There was a distant rumble from way behind her; possibly as far back as Hickman. She thought of the drive ahead of her tonight and... Continue Reading →

The Accident Call

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash FaDE IN: INT. house: basement/ cellar - day C/U: a mobile phone which starts ringing. Display reads CALLER UNKNOWN A man, middle-aged, world-weary, sitting at a desk with a PC in front of him. Looks at the phone and picks it up. TOM HENDERSON Tom Henderson. Unknown female (By... Continue Reading →

My Brother Bobby

Author Note: This originally appeared in Cellar Stories, my now out-of-print collection of YA shorts. May 17th, 2019 Hey. It's my birthday, and amongst the new console and games, I got a journal.  Lucky me, right? I may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but I'm not stupid. I know what's going on.... Continue Reading →

An Oxford Christmas Crime

I was driven to Kidlington Police Station late in the afternoon of January 6th, the night already closing in, and the snow which had started six hours ago finally easing off. It was one day after a failed assassination attempt on a prominent member of the Royal Family attending the opening of a new university... Continue Reading →

The Night of the Tittynope

Note: the following story was a four-hour challenge to myself written on Halloween, written from scratch and based on prompts received: Tittynope, Milkshake, Dollar, Glass, Chestnut, Gouge, Waitress and Loafers. I think I got them all in... Just a bit of Halloween fun - if you want stories which had fancy things like time and... Continue Reading →

The Chicken Run

              Tonight’s the night I have my test.               The test to get into the gang.               If I pass the test, I’ll be part of The Nostromos – the toughest tribe in the sector.               If I don’t pass the test? I’ll be part of a much bigger club…but I don’t like to think... Continue Reading →

‘The Boot’ Shooting Script

Thumbnail Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash Another script from the now unavailable collection 'Off Script'. This was the most complex of the four in terms of shooting requirements - multiple locations/ time/ characters and sophistication. It is, as a read, less sophisticated.... Car Boot

‘Earning Wings’ Shooting Script

Thumbnail credit: Photo by Johannes Roth on Unsplash Another script from the 'Off Script' collection. This is a mid-range shooting script in terms of filming complexity. A dark, dark tale - language and theme warning... Earning Wings

‘Male Fraud’ Shooting Script

Thumbnail - Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash I released, and then unreleased, a collection of short scripts in a collection called 'Off Script'. The premise was the four scripts would progress in terms of cinematic complexity (number of characters/ scenes/ locations/ filming requirements etc). Ultimately I decided to remove the book from Amazon, but... Continue Reading →

Number Seven

The following story is taken from Basement Tales. See afterword for details on how to order from Amazon, or direct from the author. You can find other free fiction over in the Fiction section of the site including stories from You Could Make a Killing - If you like horror/ dark fantasy go for Basement Tales,... Continue Reading →

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