Free Fiction: My Brother Bobby

On Sunday I wrote about my YA Horror Collection Cellar Stories. As a result I had hundreds, literally, thousands, crying out, "Show us something from it!" (It should be pointed out I have one of those mirror situations positioned so that you see yourself reflected to infinity in them...) So, without further ado, here's a... Continue Reading →

An Oxford Christmas Crime

I was driven to Kidlington Police Station late in the afternoon of January 6th, the night already closing in, and the snow which had started six hours ago finally easing off. It was one day after a failed assassination attempt on a prominent member of the Royal Family attending the opening of a new university... Continue Reading →

The Night of the Tittynope

Note: the following story was a four-hour challenge to myself written on Halloween, written from scratch and based on prompts received: Tittynope, Milkshake, Dollar, Glass, Chestnut, Gouge, Waitress and Loafers. I think I got them all in... Just a bit of Halloween fun - if you want stories which had fancy things like time and... Continue Reading →

The Chicken Run

Last night I downloaded a Kindle book - '100 Word Horrors Part 2: An Anthology of Horror Drabbles (100 Word Horror Collection)' edited by Kevin J Kennedy.   It features a story by Terry West, a writing acquaintance whose writing I enjoy a lot. It has a fantastic cover (if, like me, you remember the '80's... Continue Reading →

Off Script available for FREE for 48 HOURS ONLY!

For this weekend only, (22-24 March 2019)  I'm making my new publication 'Off Script' available for FREE on Kindle. Just click on the cover link below anytime during that period and you can download the book free. Why am I making it available for free? Well, I wrote in detail elsewhere about  Off Script and am fully... Continue Reading →

Number Seven

The following story is taken from Basement Tales. See afterword for details on how to order from Amazon, or direct from the author. You can find other free fiction over in the Fiction section of the site including stories from You Could Make a Killing - If you like horror/ dark fantasy go for Basement Tales,... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Babysitting

This is a story that didn't make it into You Could Make a Killing, but could have done...if you want to read more like this, you'll find them in that collection - available in paperback, Kindle, or if you have Kindle Unlimited, as part of your free allowance.   * I arrived five minutes before... Continue Reading →

Off Script: a new publication

Before my new novel comes out I’ve decided to publish something a bit different. Many, many years ago, when the world was younger, and the motorised horse was just born, I was a student. I studied long and hard (you can see why this is placed under ‘fiction’.) I studied Film and Drama – I... Continue Reading →

Bad Treatment

This is a story that I never thought would see the light of day. You might agree it shouldn't have after you read it but today I thought I'd share it. I dug it out when looking through old stories at 5 this morning, while thinking about the sad passing of William Goldman yesterday. It's... Continue Reading →

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